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PRICE CHECK: Almost Famous inspired lace pants!

To get look I got a fringed lace top (more on that later) and Forever 21’s Lace Pants!

(from left to right)

  1. I first spotted these lace pants a few years back on Bona Drag’s site. The cons:  A) The price tag @ $140 B) The fact the “shorts” connecting the bottoms are shown on the outside and it looks weird.*
  2. Then I saw the pants on Free Peoples Site, The cons: A) The price tag @ $148! B) Fit. Everyone says they are WAY long, Even tall girls. So you’d have to hem them. More work. More $
  3. The winners! Forever 21’s at just $22.80. they look amazing and for the price how can you go wrong!

Dishonorable Mention:  Urban Outfitters teal lace pants are on sale for $9.99 People say they look cheap and from the pictures, I have to agree. Also, as much as I love teal I don’t think the lace looks good in this color. PASS!

*Not pictured, but you can see it on Bona Drag’s site.

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